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15 cruise tips for your holiday

Cruise Tips for your holiday

This list includes many tips to ensure you have a relaxing, enjoyable cruise. Keep the list handy at the beginning of your trip.

1. If there are four of you travelling, each with bags, consider getting 2 cabs when disembarking as there tend to be less maxi-cabs so you could be waiting longer

2. Check your bill regularly via the ships TV or kiosks located near reception and sign the bill off early on the day of disembarkation (or the night before) so that you don't have to wait in long queues.

3. If you get back early from your shore excursion, consider going back on board to enjoy the quieter atmosphere rather than walking around town until the ship departs.

4. Breakfast and lunch are often served in the main dining room as well as in the buffet area. It can be quieter & the food is often better quality.

5. Make reservations ahead of time at your favourite on board restaurant to help avoid disappointment of not getting in.

6. Always use the hand sanitisers provided all around the ship, especially when entering eating venues. Keep in mind that germs can be spread easily via touch, e.g. stair hand rails, etc.

7. Take a photo of the daily ship's events program so that you have it with you wherever you go.

8. When travelling independently, arrive at the terminal at the designated boarding start time to help avoid queues & delays. Sadly this can't be avoided when travelling as part of a tour group, as they have their own designated arrival times.

9. Pre-book shore excursions where possible. That way you don't have to stand in line at the excursions desk on board & potentially miss out due to limited availability.

10. If you suffer sea-sickness, book a mid-ship cabin & beware of the "accept any upgrades" option as it may mean your upgraded cabin is located on a different floor & could be forward or aft ship.

11. Consider arriving the day before & departing the day after the cruise. This will help avoid the stress of late connections & delays.

12. Check the international roaming rules with your mobile phone carrier to ensure you don't get caught out with a very expensive mobile data bill!

13. Most cruise lines allow you to BYO alcohol, BUT it is often limited to 1 bottle per person. Check the rules before you pack.

14. Pack some international power adaptors but check the ship's rules regarding power boards - a lot of times you are not permitted to use them due to regulated power supply on board.

15. Travel Insurance is always recommended for general medical, pre-existing conditions, hospitalisation & medical evacuations. This applies even if you're only travelling in Australian waters as Medicare does not cover you!

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