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20 places on my bucket list

20 places on my bucket list

I originally titled this post “The top 20 places …” but I decided to change it as there are heaps of other places I want to see too, and how can I say what the top ones are until I’ve been there?

So instead, here are some great pics taken by other people of 20 places that are on my “bucket list”!  Please enjoy them as much as I do!!

1. St Petersburg

St Petersburg - Ostrovsky Square - image by epicantus @

2. Aurora Borealis, Northern Europe

Aurora - image by Noel Bauza @

3. Faroe Islands, Denmark &/or Lofoten Islands, Norway

Faroe Islands - image by tpsdave @

4. Scandinavia, Northern Europe

Copenhagen Denmark - images by Monica Volpin @

5. Norway, Northern Europe

Norway - image by mariamichelle @

6. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre - 2932111 - image by djedj @

7. Malta

Malta fishing boats - image by HardyS @

8. South America

Machu Picchu - images by LoggaWiggler @

9. Autumn Leaves in New England / Boston

Vermont fall - image by donwhite84 @

10. Portugal

Portugal aveiro - image by michelmondadori @

11. Budapest

Budapest - image by janosvirag @

12. Maldives

Maldives windsurfer - image by sharonang @

13. Grand Canyon U.S.

Grand Canyon - image by gino60350 @

14. Kings Canyon, AUST

Kings Canyon - image by ejakob @

15. Miami

Miami - image by Peter Kraayvanger @

16. Calabria / Sicily

Calabria Tropea - image by Walkerssk @

17. Hawaii

Hawaii - image by dennisflarsen @

18. Samoa / Tahiti

American Samoa - image by tpsdave @

19. Corfu

Corfu cove - image by superfactice @

20. Cappadocia 

Cappadocia - image by Free-Photos from

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