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What to pack in your carry on bag

What to pack in your carry on bag

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Looking for a list of items to pack in your carry on bag?  Look no further!  These are items you should routinely include:

Sufficient water & snacks to keep you going when the food trolley isn't passing by. Don't forget liquid restrictions though. You may need to buy the water after passing through security.

If you are a light sleeper, pack a face mask & some ear plugs (if you don't have noise reducing earphones).

Some people like to pack eye drops & lip balm to help with the dry air on-board a plane.

Any hygiene products you need to use during your travels, e.g. toothbrush/paste, deodorant, antibacterial wipes

Always pack at least one set of spare clothes, including underwear, that are suitable to the environment you are travelling to. This way if your checked-in bag goes missing, you will have a change of clothes on the first day! 

Portable electronic devices &/or a book to keep you entertained AND your earphones. Noise reducing ones help block out background sound.

Make sure that you have any medications that you will need during your travels. There's little point being at 30,000 feet and find that the tablet you need to take is in the hold!! 

Your passport & visa documents, together with your tickets & other travel vouchers. Make sure you have photocopied them all twice. Put one copy in your checked-in luggage and the other in your carry bag.

Please feel free to comment with any other items that you usually pack!

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