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15 packing tips for your holiday

15 packing tips for your holiday

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This packing list includes items you should never leave behind when packing for your holiday. Keep the list handy while packing your bag.

1. Proof of ID documents including passport, drivers licence, and visas. Be sure to keep photocopies of each - one in your suitcase & another carried on your person/carry bag.

2. Mobile device chargers, power adaptors & a power board. Note that some cruise lines do not allow power boards & may confiscate them.

3. Spare batteries for any device requiring them, e.g. camera. Where possible place spare batteries in your carry on bag. That way you have access to them in case of fire. Also consider placing each battery in its own protective case, plastic bag, or package, or place tape across the battery's contacts to isolate the terminals.

4. Medications including first aid & sunscreen. It's always worth including some imodium/gastro stop.

5. eTickets, vouchers, & boarding passes.

6. An umbrella & a hat!

7. Socks & underwear.

8. Toiletries including soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush & deodorant

9. Money! A credit or travel card is always useful (keep a photocopy). Also makes sure you have some local currency on you when you arrive in case there is no ATM or credit is not accepted.

10. Travel Insurance documents & emergency contact numbers

11. Hiking boots, gym gear, or any other special articles of clothing

12. Wet wipes / sanitary cleaners

13. Camera - while a lot people use their mobile devices as cameras, there are still some photos that need to be taken with a camera. Think Northern Lights where you need long exposure times.

14. Suitable clothing both for the weather (jackets, beanies, scarves or t-shirts, shorts & swimwear) & cultural sensitivity.

15. Something to keep you entertained on long journeys, e.g. a book, mobile device with movies &/or music, or pack of cards.

Do you have any other items you never leave behind?  Feel free to add them in a comment below.

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